I’m Annabelle, the girl behind the camera. I’m mainly based in London but often of no fixed abode, putting the destination into destination photographer.
My love for photography started at the age of 16 when I was first introduced to film photography. After that my Dad’s Pentax from the 1970s accompanied me everywhere and soon after I transitioned into digital photography.
I was drawn to the documentary style photos that graced the pages of Life Magazine. So real, raw and honest, a snapshot of a moment that conjures up many emotions.
From then on my photography style was set. I love capturing the natural moments – the look between lovers, the cheeky laugh between siblings and the way parents marvel at their children.
I’ve been lucky to document love at its finest in all corners of the world. From the quaint Surrey villages to the gorgeous shores of Sydney and beyond. I’m not only talking about couples but also those amazing family moments between parents and their children.
How do you know if I’m right for you?
If you’re a couple or family looking for some authentic photos that capture genuine moments. I’m confident I’m the photographer for you.
In addition to photography I also enjoy bargain shopping, watching inspirational movies and drinking Guinness. Preferably as many of those together at once.